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If you’re already involved with affiliate marketing or are just exploring how to get into it, you’ve probably heard of Rosalind Gardner. Rosalind is an ‘Affiliate Marketer Extraordinaire’ who, after having been an air traffic controller, was reeled in by the lure of the internet and how she could use it to sell other people’s products. Rosalind learned everything she could about internet marketing and coupled with a lot of hard work built an affiliate empire as well as a reputation as one of the best affiliate marketer in the business.

Today I’d like to give a short review on two of Rosalind’s products – the Super Affiliate Handbook and Affiliate Blogger Pro.

Super Affiliate Handbook

Rosalind’s Super Affiliate Handbook, originally published in 2003 and revised numerous times since then, is often considered the ‘bible’ of affiliate marketing. Geared towards teaching new affiliates the ropes, it can also be used as a reference guide by just about every level of affiliate marketer.

SAH CoverRosalind’s clear and concise style results in a book that is very easy to read, offering clear step by step instructions on how to get started quickly, with very little money and with other people’s products. Rosalind injects her own personal experiences throughout the book and offers many tips on what to do and what not to do based on her own trial and error experiments in internet marketing. You know what they say – an expert in any given field is someone who has made every possible mistake that can be made and has learned from them.

Here are the major topics covered by the Super Affiliate Handbook:

  • Internet & Affiliate Marketing Basics
  • Setting Up Shop
  • Research A Profitable Topic
  • How To Find Merchants
  • How To Choose Products and Programs
  • Plan and Build Your Site
  • 31 Ways To Market Your Site
  • Manage & Grow Your Business
  • Resources

Rosalind’s handbook is not a get rich quick full of magic tricks to instantly skyrocket your income. It is a common sense system, backed up with experience, on how to build a successful affiliate business.  Rosalind presents a detailed and precise process that enables her to generate well above average conversion rates along with a well above average income. The Super Affiliate Handbook is a must read and should be on every affiliate’s bookshelf. Click here to find out more about the Super Affiliate Handbook and how you can acquire your own indispensable copy.

Affiliate Blogger Pro

The term ‘blog’ surfaced in the 1990’s and blogs originally started out as online personal diaries that people maintained and shared with friends. Today, blogs have evolved into very important and lucrative marketing tools that can be used by novices and large corporations alike. Today’s blogs are not just simple text based journals but multi-media websites containing text, pictures, videos and links to other websites. One important aspect of blogs is the ability to allow people from all over the world to comment on any particular post. One blog post can open up a serious discussion, broadening the perspective of both the blogger and the readers. Lastly, has made setting up and customizing a blog a piece of cake. Once set up, blogs can be easily monetized making them a very effective tool for the affiliate marketer.

So it is no wonder that all of Rosalind Gardner’s websites are now WordPress blogs. You can visit one of her blogs called Net Profits Today and see how she uses it to share her affiliate marketing strategies.

membership-card-220With the ever growing popularity of blogs, Rosalind launched Affiliate Blogger Pro (also known as Rosalind Gardner’s Academy), which is a membership website that teaches you everything you want to know about how to make money with affiliate marketing using blogs. This multi-media course offers 10 step-by-step training modules, a multitude of How-To tutorials, videos, printable lessons, expert coaching and more.

Rosalind is someone who’s experience shines through when it comes to teaching. She has been through it all and understands what her students need to know and is capable of explaining it all in simple language. Here is a listing of the 10 modules you will get as part Affiliate Blogger Pro:

  • Affiliate Blogging Basics
  • Find Your Niche
  • Setup Your Blog
  • Add Content
  • Add Style & Function
  • Add The MoneyMakers
  • Get Traffic
  • Manage Your Business
  • Grow Your Business
  • Advance Tips

Each of the modules listed above is further subdivided into a series of lessons explaining exactly what to do. In total there are over 225 tutorials and over 190 short videos which are being constantly updated with current information.

Affiliate Blogger Pro also provides excellent support through its forum where other successful affiliates are always ready to lend a hand, through email from the Affiliate Blogger Pro team and from Rosalind herself. You can also request a review of your blog.

Affiliate Blogger Pro is a real deal with a low monthly fee and a no-risk money back guarantee. Click here to find out more about this great product, how to join Rosalind and learn how to make some money.

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