Persistence Is The Key

Persistence is the key to succeeding at anything – especially when you are trying to start or succeed in an online business. Don’t get me wrong – skills are important and so is talent, but in my opinion it’s simply good old fashioned – ‘not quitting’ that win’s the day.

Anyone that is successful at anything will tell you that there were moments when they could have taken the easy route and given up.

Traveling along a path less traveled – into uncharted waters – is tough, it takes courage and quite frankly that’s why most people won’t do it – it’s too scary!

Making Money Online will require you to step out of your comfort zone, take chances, risk hard earned money, make decisions and sacrifice your valuable time.

And what’s more – you will meet people along the way – maybe even family members – who will call you foolish. Wish them well – think no ill of them – but equally give no time and energy to their comments and soldier on regardless.

And when you have a moment of self doubt — which we all do — you may like to remember a couple of the following real life examples of individuals who had others put up barriers in their path — but they marched on regardless.

‘Nobody will watch a show about nothing…’ — what Jerry Seinfeld and co-creator Larry David were first told when they began to pitch Seinfeld.

‘There’s no market for it. If there were, major airlines would already be offering it…’ — conclusion given to Fred Smith, founder of FEDEX.

‘A global, twenty-four-hour news network will never work…’ — network executives’ response to Ted Turner’s plans for CNN.

‘It’s a cutthroat business, you’ve got no chance of success…’ — accountant for Estee Lauder, founder of the multibillion dollar cosmetics empire.

‘It’s a huge risk and it will never fly…’ — aeronautical engineers evaluation of Bill Lear’s design for a jet.

‘Personal computers are a hobbyist fad…’ – prediction of IBM, Intel, HP and Atari.

‘The feedback is the lowest we’ve ever had, lower than women’s bowling, it just won’t work…’ — the BBC’s comments to Ricky Gervais after a test screening of The Office.

I’m reminded of that famous saying by Henry Ford:
‘Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right’

DON’T GIVE UP! Success is right around the corner.

To Your Success!

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