Build A List To Build A Business

A lot of people, especially those starting out, believe that just HAVING a product – means they are in business —– NOT!!

…a product is not a business.

There are a ton of people with great products – making no money.

…a website is also not a business.

There are millions of websites making nothing.

So if a product is not a business – and a website is not a business – what IS a business?

The answer? ————- CUSTOMERS!

Every successful business is in the SAME business…
…and that is the business of improving their customer’s lives.”
  — Chris Farrell

The very best thing you can do right now – is stop trying to sell something – and build your own list. Because 80% of your income – will come from the SAME 20% of your customers.


How do you build a list? Easy. You choose a profitable market – and then offer something of value for free. Free used to be a gimic – now it’s a full fledged economy.

Why is this?

Because there is no money in the front end any more. 10 years ago maybe – but certainly not now. It’s all in the back end.

We build our list first – by offering something of value for free – the key words being ‘something of value’.

Every successful business is in the SAME business, the business of improving their customers lives.

You need to adopt a greater passion for what you are GIVING (your free gift) – than what you are receiving ($$$).

Stop asking yourself ‘How can I make more money’ – and start asking yourself ‘How can I help? How can I serve? How can I solve?’

Every successful business understands this.

It’s not what you sell – it’s what you stand for.

If you spent the next three months doing nothing more than building your list – that would be time very well spent.


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