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Join Blog EngageDo you have a blog but don’t have an audience? Not getting enough exposure? A great solution is to build your audience with Blog Engage. Blog Engage is a blogging community where you can submit your latest blog articles and get more exposure, backlinks and traffic. When articles are submitted, users read and vote on the submissions. When articles receive enough votes they become published and are then found on the Blog Engage home page.

One of the biggest questions on the mind of a lot of bloggers is “How do I reach my target market?” If you find yourself marketing all day with little or no results you could potentially be marketing to the wrong target market.

Blog Engage has a wide variety of bloggers within its community allowing you to target market both small and large sized groups. If your blog has quality content, a nice fast lading design, then Blog Engage can help you take your blog to the next level of community involvement. This means increasing your traffic, comments and overall community participation.

Blog Engage provides a number of solutions to common problems faced by most bloggers:

  • Problem: Finding blogs within your desired niche to comment on. Looking for blogs in your target market to comment on can be an overwhelming and never ending task.
  • Solution: Blog Engage provides a solution to this by allowing you to sort blogs and blog articles by category. Perhaps this isn’t enough and you want to get even more targeted. Blog Engage allows you to search articles by specific tags drilling even more deep into your target market.
  • Problem: Getting quality back links.
  • Solution: Blog Engage provides a solution to this by exposing your blog to likeminded bloggers that share the same interests. Inbound links are one of the keys to good search engine rankings and links from sources related to the topic of your blog are extremely valuable.  Blog Engage makes sure that all members and their blogs meet specific requirements, not only to ensure quality blogs but to ensure high quality backlinks, Creating quality targeted back links will benefit your blog more than creating a large quantity of  low quality non targeted backlinks.
  • Problem: Meeting new bloggers.
  • Solution: Building online relationships and meeting other bloggers is always a key element to online success. This allows you to grow, gain new readers and learn from one another. Blog Engage offers an amazing environment to meet new people, specifically bloggers that have quality blogs and tons of experience to share with you. You will see overtime this truly is one of the biggest benefits of participating in the Blog Engage community.
  • Problem: Some sites do not allow members to submit their own content..
  • Solution: Blog Engage gives its members the ability to submit and promote their very own articles. The idea of Blog Engage is to promote your articles in order to build up quality comments and intellectual conversations within your blog. You submit your content and Blog Engage members vote and comment when interested.

In summary, if you own a blog and want to get the word out, Blog Exchange is the place for you. For a very reasonable monthly fee, you will be joining a community of fellow bloggers who are always ready to help you on the road to success.

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