6 Myths About Internet Marketing

Myth #1: Internet Marketing is EASY

What is ‘easy’? Tying your shoe laces seems pretty easy – to you. But to someone who has never warn shoes in their life, tying shoe laces for the first time might be overwhelming – until they learn how. You see it’s all relative. Things become easier the more you learn about them and it’s no different with internet marketing. There’s lots to learn before it becomes ‘easy’. Internet marketing takes time and effort. Don’t fall for the “push this button and the money will flow your way” con. It’ll never happen.

Relatively speaking however, starting an Internet marketing business IS ‘easy’ compared with a brick and mortar store. With an affiliate marketing business for instance, there’s no inventory to carry, no shipping of goods and virtually no overhead. Affiliate marketing eliminates the cost of production, construction and employees.

So, while there is work involved in building and marketing an Internet business, once you’ve learned the tricks of the trade, doing business just doesn’t get much easier than doing it online.

Myth #2: ANYONE Can Make Money Online

Nope. Simply not true.

There are thousands and thousands of people out there who are lured into Internet marketing by Myth #1. They ‘expect’ to make money for doing very little. Someone who never gets off the couch to learn anything about Internet marketing will not make money on the Web. They have to have a vision as to where they want to be, a plan that puts their vision into practical steps, a work ethic that allows them to execute their plan and a thick skin that allows them to overcome the inevitable failures they will incur along the way.

What the internet does do however, is give people the ‘opportunity’ that they would not otherwise have. Many people would never have started a business had it not been for the ‘Net’ – mainly because starting an online business is relatively simple and inexpensive. Giving it a try is not going to cost an arm and a leg and as long as you are willing to learn and work at it, success is right around the corner.

Myth #3: You Can “GET RICH QUICK” On the Net!

There are thousands of ‘get rich quick’ schemes out there and chasing them is almost always a waste of time and money. Success just won’t happen overnight as some unscrupulous marketers promise. Unless you win a lottery or receive a big inheritance, there is no such thing as ‘get rich quick’.

That is not to say that you can’t make good money online – you can and in relatively short time compared with an offline business. Just don’t expect it to happen over night.

Concentrate instead on building a business that gives your customers what they want and need. By focusing on customer satisfaction, you will build a solid reputation and an enduring, successful business that allows you to pursue the lifestyle of your dreams.

Myth #4: It’s FREE to Do Business Online

Nothing in life is FREE my friend. Low cost? – Yes. Free – No.

Compared with building a store or leasing office space in any large city, Internet business start-up and maintenance costs are incredibly low. Once setup is complete, the only ongoing costs you’ll have are your Internet connection, continuing education, and advertising costs.

Myth #5: It’s TOO LATE to Start an Internet Business

Hear this – it’s almost never too late to start anything.

Think about it. Has every song been sung? Have all the books been written? There are millions of restaurants, clothing stores and gift shops in the world. Is it too late to open another? Yes, there are tons of websites selling just about anything you can think of – but how many of them actually make money?

Your job is to be better than the rest. Find a starving market and feed it with your unique product or service. Tell a compelling story and cater to the masses. There is no better place to find a starving market than the internet.

Myth #6: The ‘BIG Money’ Talk is JUST HYPE

Earning ‘Big money’ on the Internet is entirely possible. Here are just a few examples of successful affiliates and affiliate programs:

o Cashring – Top affiliate earns $5,000/month

o FriendFinder – Pays out more than $1,000,000.00 in commissions to its affiliates every month.

o Matt Haller – NPC newsletter subscriber earns $10,000/month with a hiphop affiliate site.

o Deborah Casey – Student of the ‘Super Affiliate Handbook’ earns $15,000/month.

o Jim Cockrum – Affiliate selling the ‘Super Affiliate Handbook’ made $1000 in ONE day!

o Rosalind Gardner – She regularly earns between 30 and $50,000/month just from her affiliate marketing efforts alone.

If you think you can’t, then you’ll prove yourself right every time. But with an attitude that combines desire, knowledge, faith and positive action, ‘BIG Money’ is entirely possible.

In summary, although the ‘Net is rife with exaggerated tales of fortunes being made in mythical proportions, there are thousands of ordinary people making very comfortable livings with their homebased Internet business. Be extraordinary, and create your own ‘BIG Money’ success story.

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