Picture these two lifestyle scenarios.

traffic jamScenario A: The blaring alarm rudely wakens you around 5:30 am. You stagger to the bathroom and go through your usual morning routine, then get dressed after figuring out what you’re going to wear. You may gulp down some coffee and toast at home or drive to the nearest coffee shop and join the long line at the take out window. Now you’re able to join the thousands of others on the highway in their daily hour and a half trek to their jobs – jobs most of them hate. You finally arrive at your destination, and after perhaps paying an obscene parking charge, you walk to your place of employment. From the moment you get there, you’re counting the minutes, waiting for 5 o’clock, wishing it were the weekend, a weekend that is always too short.

working at homeScenario B: Your eyes open around 8:00 am after a restful night’s sleep. You lay in bed a little longer, just thinking – perhaps planning your day, going over the previous week’s events, thinking about your golf swing, thinking about anything you want. Why? Because you have the time. Next, you saunter down to the kitchen, still in your pajamas, have a cup of coffee while you read the morning paper, have a leisurely breakfast while chatting with your wife or husband about you upcoming trip to some exotic Caribbean island. After breakfast you make the 15 foot ‘commute’ to your office where you check the previous day’s sales from you ‘auto piloted’ business, check out any new prospects, read a few posts from your favorite blogs and perhaps write a new post for your own blog. After a few hours of ‘work’ you’re off for a round of golf or whatever else strikes your fancy.

Now which scenario did you pick as the way you’d like to live? Scenario A, the ‘Rat Race’, is where the majority of people are stuck today, giving up their valuable time for meager pay just to make someone else rich. Scenario B, the ‘Dream’, is I’m sure where you’d like to be, free and happy, where the upper limit to your net worth is dictated by you and only you.

The good news is that scenario B is totally achievable. How? – by starting and building a successful online business. I’m not referring to one of the multitude of “get rich quick’ schemes proliferating the internet. I’m referring to s real business, a long term business, one that takes work to educate yourself about, set up, maintain and continually improve. The rewards at the end of the day are well worth the effort.

This site is intended to help you achieve your ‘Dream’. Build A Successful Online Business is continually growing and will present a variety of topics, tips and resources that will help you reach your goal, whether you’re a beginner wondering what this ‘online business’ thing is all about or an existing business owner looking for fresh information that will improve your bottom line. This site is relatively new, so be patient, come back often, subscribe to our feed and remember:


To Your Success!